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    hi-dee-ho.wadd up? i have had some pretty bad things happen but hey who ever said that life was just full of happy and cool stuff? No one, my point.well i like a lot of sports and i sing and also dance.i also like drama. I really like hanging out with my friends and boyfriends (if i have one at the time. )a question i get all the time from Salsa is are you single? well I am kinda-sorta-kinda.I mean hello when she is one of my bestfriends she should know. But hey i cant say much for her because she is in a situation where she doesnt really know what she is so how am i suppose to know?

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I have an older brother and I live most of the time with my mother.


my two best buds in the whole world are amanda and Salsa.they are awesome. some of my other friends are desiree, aly,stephanie.they are cool to but i dont really khow why there not my best buds there just not but the are close. some of my guy friends are ryan,ryan,gary. I have been with two of themand one of my best guy bud is A.J but he moved.i also went with him.


i like softball, volleyball, and basketball,also swimming.I think i am kinda athletic.