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Everyone has something deep in their sould. Mine just happens to come out in the arts. Please feel free to send us some of your writings at aroma03@cs.com.
Don't worry, I will put your names with your work, so everyone can know how great of a person you are.
Tender Poetry From Oblivion

He grabbed me by the horns and pulled
me through the night
Under limbs of trees as I put up a fight.
As this being so great in light.
Struggling to pull the blanket of fright
Off my eyes
And yet it stretches as it lies
On the beauty of my thighs
The barbarian inside of me seems to
scream out loud
As it sketches and bellows away the
cloud in front of me
And under my shroud of my mind
It starts in a whisper
So the crowd gets closer to hear it
I can fly, I can fly, I can fly
But yet it is so light to hear
And still it grows in the years
I can fly, I can fly
Until it rings in your ears
And through the years
I can fly, I can fly
As I rip away by my horns
And let them tear the blanket of fright
To the Floor of despair
And into the air I go with my candle
with the flame of life
And sour to the heavens of my lair
I rip away my bindings
I break the chains
Forget all the pains that have been
brought upon me
As I open the lost door with my key
I say aloud to all and none
Why be proud when it is no longer fun?
Tortured Heart
How I see your tortured heart
Makes me want to cry
You talk of gloomy things
You just let your mind fly
Writings of thoughts from deep within
Seem to twist and tangle in you
As jungle vines tangle your heart
I sit and wonder who did this to you
Your mind is like a never ending maze
Full of so many dead ends and traps
I follow a path in you constantly getting
Trying to fill the unvoyaged gap
I want to take you in my arms
And hold you like a child, oh so close
As I rock back and forth
And tell you it is better than most
From a distance, I am watching you
A false angel, I am
Here to watch over you
My heart beats twice for yours
If you every need me, I am here for you
Your tortured heart beats so softly
A strong will is not what I find
But rather the will to give up
So to you I say, I am here for you, that is
my bind
Listen as I say this to you
Your heart beats with an irregular
Much to special to lose
So please tell your heart to stop torturing
Do I really love you?
Or do I really not?
My battered heart hardly ever speaks
Over the years, months, and weeks
It has become so tough
And has said it has had enough
Of the love so guarded so well
As my feeling just fell
You tell me that you love me
You tell me that you need me
But sometimes I sit and think
Is it me that is turning pink?
What is this that I feel?
Could this be really real?
Am I in love with you?
Or do I just have no clue?
I am not sure of what I am doing
My thoughts are just flying
Just let me drink the sweet nectar from
your lips
And count the stars on my finger tips
Please stay with my tender heart
So that we make never part.
copywrited ,99'

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