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Hey, we all know that life is full of little surprises, and we always don't know how to deal. So feel free to ask us just by emailing us at. You can get Salsa at
Or Angel at
We will try to e-mail you as soon as possible, and if we like you letter we might put it up. So please put your state. But we will never put your e-mail or full name on the site, for your safty. Love- THE GIRLS
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Life is full of little surprises, so surprise life a little.
Dear Angel,
My boyfriend and I have been going out for six monthes now, and for some reason he has started to pay no atention to me, and take me for granted. What can I do. -A.E :Ohio

It may just be that you two have been together so long that he has gotten used to you. This is not a bad thing, it simply means that you are really apart of his life, and he feels like he no longer needs to put on a show for you to see. But that doesn't also mean he can get away with it. Just simply, and nicely, mention that you feel like you need a bit more atention. Whatever you do, don't yell at him, it will only scare him. Guys don't always know when they mess up. Every once and a while they need to be reminded.

Dear Salsa,
My mother and I have always gotten along, but lately she has been pushing me really hard, and totally didn't undersatnd that I was having trouble in a subject in school and freaked out when she saw the grades. How can I tell her to take a chill pill, without hurting her?
-Maranda, NY

Sounds like your mother is getting a little worked up. Be sure to tell her that you are having problems in the future, and that maybe it might be a good idea for her to help you, or for you to get a tutor. Just remember she would never be getting so upset if she didn't care about you, other wise she would have just blown it off. So just take your asprin or do your yoga next time she has a freak attack, and try to talk it out with her. She will respect you for taking it so responsibly.

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